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Mike's Guns and Sports offers firearms training classes that emphasize learning the proper skills to use a handgun safely & proficiently. 

Whether  you’re new to firearms, or an experienced shooter, our affordable  courses will enhance your understanding & abilities in the defensive  use of guns.

Our  courses are taught by a seasoned & certified instructor. I will  work with you in a relaxed and friendly manner, to build your skill,  knowledge & confidence.

My classes are small. Individual instruction. Perfect for the person with No experience. You will 

leave here with much more confidence. This is Not like the other classes, fire once, collect $125-$150 and put you on the street. If you wish to be a Marksman shooter, come back to see me. I can make you that if you wish.

This is Not a public range.

No walk-in shooting.

Firearm Instuction Classes.

Apps. Only.

Licensed Dealer

Guns, Ammo,etc.

Special Orders. Three days delivery.

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Mike's  Guns and Sports offers a Concealed Weapon or Firearms License  Course designed to prepare & provide participants with everything  they’ll need to qualify & apply for the States CWFL license. This  course is offered at a convenient location, by an accredited instructor,  in a clean and safe environment.  The facility has a full  complement of safety equipment, making it easy to fulfill the State  requirement for competency with a handgun.